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Favourite places

Magical places enchant the tour

The places you pass by chance are just as multifaceted as the stretch of the North Sea Cycle Route. There are places that immediately exert a special attraction on you, radiating peace and tranquillity, evoking memories of a special person or an unforgettable moment. Sometimes it's the vastness of the landscape, the Wadden Sea, where heaven and earth share a stage, and other times it's simply a smell that you pick up on your bike tour. This can be an individual place or a personal sensation for each and every traveller. Such magical places are the lifeblood of a journey, aren't they?

Your favourite places

You tell us your favourite place; we'll share them!

© Nordseeküsten-Radweg/ Florian Trykowski

My absolute favourite place is Sahlenburg beach at dusk. I enjoyed the stunning sunset there and rounded off the day on my bike. Simply fantastic!

Marie from Cologne

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