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Characteristics of the route

Cycling along the North Sea Cycle Route

The North Sea Coast boasts a particularly impressive landscape. If you choose to travel along the North Sea Cycle Route, you'll be cycling to the rhythm of the tides and feel the ever-changing ebb and flow. Together with the vast expanse of the north, the route takes you through beautiful places steeped in maritime flair, past stately lighthouses, small and large harbours as well as through beautiful and unique nature. These constantly changing impressions are mostly experienced on tarmac cycle paths with little traffic. You can also venture onto nature trails and gravel paths in nature reserves and forests, for example. In any case, one thing is guaranteed: a variety of experiences!

Did you know?

932  km

is the length of the German section of the North Sea Cycle Route

414  km

are on tarmac trails

278  km

are cycled on gravel paths

175  km

lead along the road

39  km

run along natural paths

30  m

above sea level is the highest point of the tour

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride"

John F. Kennedy

Route quality and traffic

We love the tailwind

Wind conditions are relatively constant in the North Sea regions in comparison to the mainland owing to the lack of obstacles in the landscape. This means that wind will be your constant companion on the tour. The wind speeds and wind directions over the North Sea are affected by the so-called westerly wind zone. This means that the wind often blows from west to east, which is why we recommend cycling the German section of the North Sea Cycle Route from the Netherlands up to Denmark. This will allow you to enjoy the tour mostly with a tailwind.


© Nordseeküsten-Radweg/ Florian Trykowski
© Nordseeküsten-Radweg/ Florian Trykowski

Tour planning

What should I take with me on the tour? What is the best bike for a cycle tour? What is the best way to dress?

It is necessary to make some preparations for a tour on the North Sea Cycle Route. That's why we would like to give you a few tips.

Level of difficulty

The stages making up the North Sea Cycle Route are all between 40 and 85 kilometres long, which makes them suitable for day tours. The flat landscape and few ascents mean that the North Sea Cycle Route is also suitable for beginners. Even kids can tackle this long-distance cycle route without any difficulties. It mainly runs along roads with little traffic, which is an advantage. You can select your route to suit your individual requirements in terms of kilometres, altitude or duration:


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Tips for your bike tour

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Total route track

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