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Natural healing remedies

The sea is never far away on the North Sea Cycle Route - which is just as well. After all, the particularly clean air is a marvellous way to catch your breath. The tiny sea salt particles, coupled with the wind, low air pollution and increased solar radiation, ensure this unique maritime climate. There are numerous facilities and spas along the route that harness the special power of the sea for wellness and health treatments. What could be better than automatically boosting your immune system, strengthening your respiratory system and pampering yourself during your cycle tour?


© Nordseeküsten-Radweg/ Florian Trykowski

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"Happiness is enjoying a break from everyday life by the sea."


The healing effects of thalassotherapy

Let the sea and its elements do their work on your body and experience the beneficial effects of the power of the sea during thalassotherapy. The vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids in algae, silt and sea salt help with lung and skin diseases as well as rheumatism, but are also used in the wellness sector. Allow yourself to be pampered by the treasures of the sea while recharging your batteries.

You will find a number of facilities offering thalassotherapy treatments here. Feel free to click through the offers if you would rather end the day with a relaxing sauna session: