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Unlimited freedom over 900 kilometres

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Longest cycle route in the world

Covering around 7,050 kilometres through nine countries along the North Sea, the North Sea Cycle Route is a record-breaker!

The long-distance cycle route is known in Germany under the route name "Nordseeküsten-Radweg" or D-Route 1 and is part of the German cycle network. The German stretch runs for around 930 kilometres through Lower Saxony to Schleswig-Holstein via Hamburg, offering you the chance to experience diverse nature and culture on a predominantly flat route. The sea is your constant companion and always in sight. Familiarise yourself with the German section of the North Sea Coast Cycle Route!


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932  km

of endless expanses, the Wadden Sea and the dyke hinterland are waiting to be discovered

60  hours

of pure cycling time plus a whole host of special experiences along the way

© Nordseeküsten-Radweg/ Florian Trykowski

You will not only encounter diversity on the route, but also as you pass through the regions.

Experience culture in the thick of it all

Pilsumer Leuchtturm

Krummhörn Pilsum

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Ostfriesisches Teemuseum Norden


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Historische Altstadt Stade


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Nothing beats a fish sandwich on the North Sea! However, delicious fruit from the Altes Land region is also one of the regional delicacies along the coast.

The Meyer family from Berlin

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