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Fruit cultivation

Fruit paradise in the Altes Land

From the blossoming of the fruit to the harvest, you can experience all seasons of fruit growing in the Altes Land. It is mainly apples and cherries that are cultivated in northern Europe's largest continuous fruit-growing region. What about a short break from cycling and enjoying a delicious piece of fruit cake in one of the cosy farm cafés? There's bound to be time for a quick visit to a farm shop afterwards where you can stock up on fresh fruit and delicious juices for the rest of your journey. Everything in the Altes Land on the Elbe river revolves around fruit and holds a variety of experiences in store for you.


20  million

fruit trees grow in the Altes Land

265,000  tonnes

of delicious apples are harvested

10,000  hectares

of fruit trees (apples and cherries) are cultivated in the region

A sea of pink and white flowers

The Altes Land region just outside Hamburg comes alive in a carpet of pink and white blossoms every year in April and May. An absolute highlight for anyone wishing to experience this natural spectacle and the start of spring.

Delicious sweet cherries grow from the white blossom, with the mild maritime climate providing ideal conditions for growing and ripening. Cherries have been cultivated in the Altes Land region for 600 years now. The pink apple blossom begins shortly after the cherry blossom, laying the foundation for the region's best-known fruit: the Altländer apple.

© Nordseeküsten-Radweg/ Florian Trykowski
© Nordseeküsten-Radweg/ Florian Trykowski

Harvest time at last

The harvest can begin as soon as the cherries and apples have finally turned red and things get really busy in the Altes Land.

The ripe cherries are harvested from June to the end of July. It's a paradise for all lovers of cherries. You can also take part in the cherry harvest and pick your own cherries or buy the delicious fruit from a fruit farm or street vendor.

The apple harvest starts in mid-August and runs until November. The apples are sold crisp, sweet and delicious in the farm shops at almost any time of year. There are a wide range of varieties thanks to different crosses - so why not make a short stop on your tour along the North Sea Cycle Route and get to know interesting facts about fruit growing on guided farm tours.

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All those with a sweet tooth take note!

There is a very special orchard in the Haseldorfer Binnenelbe region. Curious?

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